This is natural exercise with a variety of simple movements using only your body weight for resistance. Callisthenics exercises will increase your body strength and flexibility.



Boxercise includes, punches and focus pad work out. This is also fun and energetic for all individuals wishing to improve their cardio vascular fitness.


Before a new workout programme begins, all clients are advised to undergo a short fitness evaluation that involves a medical screening process and a physical activity readiness questionnaire. This questionnaire is to identify if any clients maybe at risk whilst physical exercises. We also assess muscular and cardio fitness, flexibility, height & weight body mass indexes, body fat percentage and perform blood pressure tests. AF Fitness will discuss with you, your current lifestyle and nutrition intake before designing a fitness programme tailored to your requirements.

Circuit Training

AF Fitness can custom from a single person to group boot camp style circuit training, this can be an effective way to improve your strength and muscular endurance.


Suspension Training

This approach to fitness training uses a suspension strap that allows you to work against your own body weight. Suspension training is ideal for clients who prefer not to use free weights and resistance machines when training. Benefits of using this service will develop your core body strength, joint and muscular stability.