Adrian Ferguson Fitness

Adrian Ferguson, is a professional fitness personal trainer who inputs the same energy, love and passion for fitness into motivating clients to achieve their goals and dreams. Adrian works with each client on an individual basis, focusing on realistic achievable long-term aims and goals. AF Fitness will always take great pride in producing challenging programmes for individuals wanting to look good, feel good, physically and mentally.


Before a new workout programme begins, all clients are advised to undergo a short fitness evaluation that involves a medical screening process and a physical activity readiness questionnaire. This questionnaire is to identify if any clients maybe at risk whilst physical exercises. We also assess muscular and cardio fitness, flexibility, height & weight body mass indexes, body fat percentage and perform blood pressure tests. AF Fitness will discuss with you, your current lifestyle and nutrition intake before designing a fitness programme tailored to your requirements.


AF Fitness designs programmes to accommodate clients who wants to continue their workout while they are on holiday or away on Business. We will provide you with a small portable training equipment that will be able to fit inside your suitcase or hand luggage. Please be assured this equipment will not take up any space.