AF Fitness online training service provides expert training guidance, support and motivation to clients at every level all over the world.

Once you purchase one of the three packages, you will receive a PDF file of your workout program with full exercises, stretches pre and post, training weekly schedule, reps and rest periods.

  • 1 training plan per month
  • Access to all training exercises
  • Customised nutrition plans
  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited whatsapp support
  • 1hr skpe/phone access per month
  • General nutritional guidelines
  • No email support
  • GOLD


Nutrition is very important, I will calculate exactly how many calories you will need to consume daily to achieve your fitness goals. This will generally include your macro-nutrient breakdown so you know just how much carbohydrates, fats and protein you will need to consume.

Sticking to theses nutritional guidelines numbers alone will guarantee that you will achieve the changes that you want and desire.